Donate Items

Give today to give hope to women struggling
with homelessness and poverty.

We ask that our generous donors bring gifts to our shelter located at 117 7th St. Midland, PA 15059 and leave them in our weather proof box on the front porch. Please limit the types of donations made to Hope House to the following:  Food, Personal Care Items, Linens, Clothing (see below), and Household Items. THANK YOU!


  • Non-perishable food items (cereal, peanut butter, jelly, soup, mac-n-cheese, etc.)
  • Gift Cards for grocery stores
  • Condiments (BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, Italian Dressing, Mayo, Miracle Whip, Ranch Dressing)
  • Staples (Coffee, Creamer, Butter, Eggs, Cooking Oil, Cooking Spray, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Dry Milk, Sugar, Brown Sugar)
  • Meals (If you would like to prepare a dinner for our guests, please sign-up on our “volunteer” page)

Personal Care

  • Feminine Hygiene products
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Body Wash & Soap
  • Razors (men’s (for teenage boys) & women’s)
  • Deodorant (men’s (for teenage boys) & women’s)
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Hand Soap


  • New Towels
  • New Washcloths
  • New Twin & Full Sheets


  • New – bra’s, underwear (women and children) socks (women & children)


  • Over the counter medications:  aspirin, ibuprophen, cold & flu (infants, kids, & adults), allergy, Band-Aids, etc.
  • Batteries
  • Laundry Detergents (Pods preferable) & Fabric Softener
  • Dish Soap
  • Paper products:  Napkins, Paper Towels, Tissues, Toilet Paper
  • Supplies:  Freezer bags, Heavy duty foil, Sandwich bags, Styrofoam bowls, plates and trays, 8 oz. coffee cups, Trash bags, Disinfectant wipes